Telecommunications Disaggregated Procurement

Unlock technology potential with AMAX’s Disaggregated Procurement Model

Consider how your next project would improve with open access to the most innovative, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. AMAX’s extensive and resilient supply chain and project management capabilities enable it to easily bring together multiple vendors to provide fully integrated, tested, and verified solutions.

While disaggregated procurement is a revolutionary shift, embraced by more and more telecommunications companies to bring innovation and improve efficiency – it doesn’t come without challenges.

Obtaining, integrating, and configuring software and hardware from various vendors requires significantly more effort.

This is exactly where we come in.

Telecom AMAX Puzzle Piece
No Vendor Lock-in

The ability to easily switch between business-critical technology providers opens a world of possibilities.

One Point of Contact

Get a wide range of solutions that utilize the best available technologies from multiple vendors while maintaining the convenience of a single point of contact—more options and less administrative work.

AMAX is not solely a systems integrator; we assist our customers
throughout the entire journey:

Consultancy: Whether you need a proof-of-concept or large-scale project, we offer our extensive expertise.

Sourcing From Multiple Vendors: Our only agenda is to fulfill your requirements. We partner with industry leaders to offer the best available technology.

Supply Chain: We provide you with access to a secure and reliable supply chain through our relationships with the world’s leading technology partners.

Logistics: Through our global footprint, we can provide logistics and return logistics worldwide.

Hardware Assembly: We apply the highest manufacturing, assembly, and testing standards—the same standards that give us an advantage in the rigorous OEM market.

Software Integration: Our solutions come to you cabled, labeled, stacked, racked, and fully configured, so they are ready to use right away.

Warranty Services: We offer you a single warranty, covering all components of the system.

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procurement can change your business?

Edge Compute

Telecommunications edge computing presents unique challenges, and AMAX has proven solutions that will meet the requirements of any edge environment, from a single standalone server to a “datacenter-in-a-box.”

Our own expertise and partnerships with a wide range of the world’s leading technology providers allow us to provide truly unique, cutting-edge solutions, answering the need for constant innovation from telecommunications companies.

AMAX is one of the first providers to offer immersion-cooled edge computing servers with a warranty for the entire system (tank and servers).

Submer’s MicroPod is proving to be an outstanding solution for the telecommunications industry, as it delivers unprecedented HW density for even more computing power, saves up to 95% on cooling OPEX, and can be deployed anywhere—existing data centers, office spaces, warehouses, and even outside in harsh climate regions.

Submer MicroPod
AI 5G image

Enabling AI

The world’s leading telecommunications companies are turning to Artificial intelligence (AI) to make the most from 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT), and edge computing – because their software-defined infrastructure can meet the memory and data-processing demands.

AI has much to offer to telecommunications companies, from chatbots to self-service centers, agent-assist functionality, and transcription services. AI-based applications to manage precision manufacturing robots, automated guided vehicles, wireless cameras, self-checkout aisles, and hundreds of other transformational projects. We are here to guide and support you every step of the way.

Disaggregated and Open Network Solutions/5G and Legacy Aggregation

AMAX offers end-to-end solutions for telecommunications companies, helping them seamlessly implement a next-generation network architecture.

Our solutions make us an integral part of our customers’ journeys to prepare their network infrastructure for the surging data demand of 5G-centric applications and services. Whether it is aggregating 5G and legacy data for the backhaul, increasing capacity for the transport network, or disaggregating the core network for more flexibility, AMAX provides the best-of-breed solutions for the network infrastructure from access to the core.

AMAX Hardware for Disaggregated and Open Solutions

All-in-one system integration solution covering a broad range of disaggregated and open products following the TIP specifications.

Every product delivers high performance, resilient stacking, wire-speed Layer 2 switching and Layer 3 routing, comprehensive QoS, and advanced security to increase your company’s productivity while lowering operating costs.

Edge Computing Systems

IoT Multi-Access Edge Computing Wall-mount System

IoT Multi-Access Edge Computing Wall-mount System

IOT Rackmount

IoT Rackmount Edge Servers Featuring Ampere, AMD & Intel Processor

Open Networking Systems

Open Packet Transponder for DWDM Networks

Open Packet Transponder for DWDM Networks

Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway for Legacy/5G/Backhaul Interfaces

Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway for Legacy/5G/Backhaul Interfaces

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