ServMax® X-248TW

ServMax® X-248TW

Density-optimized system featuring 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors

The X-248TW product family is a purpose built, performance- optimized data center block ideal for use in High Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence applications.

Intel Titanium Partner

Designed for the 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors, with up to 16 DDR4 DIMM slots per compute module, the ServMax® X-248TW family maximizes processor and memory bandwidth to provide leadership performance for the most demanding compute use requirements.

Accelerating Time to Market with Innovative Data Center Solutions

ServMax® X-248TW product family is the highest performance member of AMAX’s Data Center Blocks. These fully validated server systems include the latest data center technologies― already optimized to work better together―allowing customers to accelerate time to market with reliable data center solutions. The process of configuring and validating the hardware components of solutions that are tuned to meet specific customer requirements is a complex and resource intensive process. X-248TW product family reduce this complexity, making it easier to build innovative server solutions that can support the demands of today’s data center workloads.


Highly Integrated, High Density Compute Solution

X-248TW Data Center Block can be configured to support a wide range of memory, storage, and I/O options. Solutions are configured using Intel® Xeon® Platinum 9200 processors, various Compute Modules and chassis, allowing flexible configuration of different functionality compute modules in a single chassis further extending the benefits of ServMax® X-248TW Data Center Blocks. This allows a single data center block to address both compute and service node functionality simultaneously, reducing cost and increasing functionality.


3rd Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor Features

  • Featuring the latest generation architecture boasting up to 1.42x more cores per processor
  • Up to 1.40x general compute performance
  • Up to 1.52x technical compute performance
  • Up to 18% Higher Instructions Per Clock (IPC)
  • Up to 40% higher performance
  • 8 DDR4 memory channels, with 1.60x memory bandwidth increase and 2.66x memory capacity increase
  • Up to 6 Intel® UPI for Increased CPU I/O throughput
  • 64 lanes PCI Express 4.0
  • Supports Intel Resource Directory Technology.
  • Offers built in hardware-enhanced security, with support for enhanced crypto processing, Intel Software Guard Extensions, Intel Total Memory Encryption, and enhanced Crypto Processing Acceleration
  • Includes built-in Intel® Deep Learning Boost (VNNI) for efficient Artificial Intelligence acceleration


Density Optimized 2U Rack Server with Air-Cooled and Liquid-Cooled Options

  • Up to 4 compute modules per 2U chassis which can support multiple compute module types in a single chassis
  • Supports two 3rd Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors per node
  • 2 CPU compute module design with advanced cooling technology for high flow rate air or liquid cooled for CPUs, VRs, DIMMs, and memory VRs for high heat capture ratio
  • Up to 205W processor TDP for high performance workloads in a 2U air cooled chassis, up to 270W processor TDP with liquid-cooled versions
  • Up to 2 x16 PCIe Gen4 LP slots for compute & storage nodes; 3 x16 PCIe Gen4 LP, 1 x8 Gen4 LP slots for service node; 3 x16 PCIe Gen4 LP, 1 x8 Gen4 LP slots, 4 x16 Gen 4 FHFL slots for accelerator node
  • Support for 2x M.2 SATA/NVMe storage devices per 1U compute module, up to 2x M. 2 SATA/NVMe and 2x U.2 NVMe storage devices per 2U compute module
  • Hot-swappable compute modules, storage, fans, and power supplies
  • Optional dedicated liquid-cooling loop designed as a passive component in terms of coolant flow that captures heat from the processors and memory inside the module. The coolant flow for the liquid-cooling loop is supported through liquid-cooling plumbing connections installed in the back of the server chassis. The liquid-cooling loops from all installed modules in the system are connected in parallel to the chassis plumbing connections.


Built with AMAX Quality, Reliability and Performance

AMAX’s Server Products are backed by AMAX’s design excellence and manufacturing expertise to deliver processing power with high levels of flexibility, manageability and reliability. Product and design quality is paired with 3-year standard warranties and robust technical and incident resolution support to ensure customer satisfaction.

Form Factor

2U rack enclosure; Up to 4 independent warm-swap compute nodes


Supports two 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors per node


DDR4 8x DIMMs per processor; Barlow Pass 4x DIMMs per processor

Supports 8GB to 128GB DDDR4 DIMM options, up to 512GB Barlow Pass, number and capacity configurable


  • Up to 8x M.2 SSDs (1U Compute Module)
  • Up to 4x M.2 SSDs & 4x hot-swap U.2 SSDs (2U Management Module)
  • Up to 4x M.2 SSDs & 32x hot-swap E1.L SSDs (2U Storage Module)
  • Up to 2x M.2 SSDs & 2x hot-swap U.2 SSDs (2U Accelerator Module)
  • Storage number and capacity configurable

Expansion Slots

  • 2x x32 and 1x x16 PCIe Gen 4 riser slots with multiple riser options
  • x16 to x48 mid-plane switch for NVMe devices
  • 2x Full-Height, Double-Wide GPGPU support
  • RAID module interposer
  • Multiple RAID & NIC options

System Management

Dedicated, consolidated Management Module

Optional Advanced System Management Key (ADVSYSMGMTKEY), with the following features:

  • Single license for Intel® Data Center Manager
  • Virtual Media Image Redirection (HTML5 and Java)
  • Virtual Media over Network Share and Local Folder
  • Active Directory Support
  • Full System Firmware Update (for updating drives, memory, RAID) **
  • Out-of-Band Hardware RAID management **
  • Embedded SNMP-SA **

** If supported in the system


Integrated 10Gbase-T RJ45 network & 1Gbase-T RJ45 management per node

Power Supply

3x hot-swap CRPS 2100W (Platinum) or 1600W (Titanium) PSUs

I/O Per Node

2 x16 Gen4 LP slots (compute & storage); 3 x16 Gen4 LP, 1 x8 Gen4 LP slots (service); 3 x16  Gen4 LP, 1 x8 Gen4 LP slots, 4 x16 Gen 4 FHFL slots (accelerator)