ServMax® X-220W

ServMax® X-220W

2U DP 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor Storage Server

The High-Performance, Highly Versatile, Full-Featured, Mainstream Server for the Widest Array of Your Data Center Workloads & Use Cases.

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The high-performance, highly versatile, full-featured, mainstream server for the widest array of  your data center workloads & use cases.

3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable “Ice Lake” processors

  • Air-cooled support for all 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor offerings


Higher memory bandwidth and capacity

  • Support for new Intel® Optane™ persistent memory 200 Series
  • High memory capacity (up to 12 TB), 32 DIMMs per system
  • Outstanding memory bandwidth (3,200 MT/s), 8 memory channels per CPU


Highly versatile and configurable

  • High performance SATA/SAS/NVMe storage, up to 24 2.5” SSD’s
  • New PCIe G4 Midplane Switch & Storage Controller options
  • Multiple riser options, up to 3 PCIe slots + OCPv3 slot in 1U chassis


Improved I/O balance & performance

  • Balanced I/O architecture – processor to PCIe slots
  • Full PCIe Gen 4 bandwidth w/ ICX, 80 PCIe lanes routed to AIC slots
  • Flexible Ethernet with OCPv3 modules
  • Higher performance RAID and storage controller options provide support for SAS, SATA, and NVMe drive configurations

Use Cases


Cloud & Analytics

  • IaaS/PaaS (VM host)
  • Web server
  • Ecommerce
  • Data Analytics
  • AI (artificial intelligence)


  • HCI (hyperconverged infrastructure)
  • Database
  • Business
  • Intelligence
  • Storage Collaboration


Dual 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor family, up to 270W TDP via air cooling


Intel® C621A chipset


Integrated 2D video controller with 128 MB DDR4 video memory


  • 32x DDR4 RDIMM/LRDIMM, up to 3200 MT/s,
  • Supports Intel® Optane™ Persistent Memory
  • Up to 6TB memory per processor (12TB total)



  • 24x 2.5” SAS/SATA/NVMe hot swap drive bays
  • 12x 3.5” SAS/SATA hot swap drive bays (supports up to 4 NVMe drives)


  • 2x M.2 PCIe/SATA Gen3 (22110) SSDs

Expansion Slots

  • 2x x32 and 1x x16 PCIe Gen 4 riser slots with multiple riser options
  • x16 to x48 mid-plane switch for NVMe devices
  • 2x Full-Height, Double-Wide GPGPU support
  • RAID module interposer
  • Multiple RAID & NIC options

System Management

  • Integrated Baseboard Management Controller (BMC)
  • Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI 2.0) compliant
  • Redfish compliant
  • Support for Intel® Data Center Manager (DCM)
  • Support for Intel® Server Debug and Provisioning Tool (SDPTool)
  • Dedicated onboard RJ45 1 GbE management port
  • Light Guided Diagnostics

Optional Advanced System Management Software License Key  (ADVSYSMGMTKEY), with the following features:

  • Single license for Intel® Data Center Manager
  • Virtual Media Image Redirection (HTML5 and Java)
  • Virtual Media over Network Share and Local Folder
  • Active Directory Support
  • Full System Firmware Update (for updating drives, memory, RAID)
  • Out-of-Band Hardware RAID management
  • Embedded SNMP-SA


Onboard x16 PCIe gen 4 OCP Mezzanine connector (Small Form Factor) supports the following accessory options:

  • Dual port, SFP+ DA, 2x 10GbE
  • Quad port, SFP+ DA, 4x 10GbE
  • Quad port, SFP28 25/10GbE, RDMA
  • Single port, SFP25 50/25/10GbE
  • Dual port, QSFP28 100/50/25/10 GbE
  • Dual port, SFP28 25/10 GbE
  • Dual port, SFP28 50/25/10 GbE
  • Single port, QSFP28 100/50/25/10 GbE

Power Supply

2x 1300W / 1600W / 2100W Titanium level Redundant PSU, one PSU on each side of chassis, supports 1+0 or 1+1 redundant power, or 2+0 combined power configurations

Security Support

  • Intel® Platform Firmware Resilience (Intel® PFR) technology with an I2C interface
  • Intel® Software Guard Extension (Intel® SGX)
  • Intel® Trusted Execution Technology (Intel® TXT)

System Dimensions

(H x W x D)

  • 2U rack-optimized chassis
  • 3.42” x 17.6” x 33.5” / 87mm x 446mm x 851mm