Want to know why our powerful supply chain is rock solid?

AMAX takes a customer success-driven approach to supply chain planning and execution that optimizes your financial positions, procurement, productivity and supply costs – providing you the advantage to compete in the global market and networked economy.

We give you the world

When 2020 hit, many businesses suffered through supply chain issues that slowed or stopped their businesses. The challenges worsened in early 2021 when 200,000 tons of product got stuck in the Suez Canal.

But we weren’t worried. Because AMAX is a global company with partnerships and experience shipping worldwide, we have systems in place to source what you need from anywhere in the world. This means you get faster delivery and lead times for your products.

Working ahead

In addition, we schedule our deliveries so that we essentially work ahead. Our longevity allows us to accurately predict deliveries and needs. For many solutions, 80% can be completed in advance, waiting for the last 20% customization.

Our affiliation with Foxconn gives us another way to align to bring you even more economies of scale whenever possible.

Supply Chain Integrated System
OEM Supply Chain Warehouse

Tight control of every aspect

Our supply chain is mapped out to the last detail. We don’t just think about where the parts are and where they need to go. It’s not a point A to B problem. Being human means regulations, customs, and ships stuck in canals. And that means understanding customs and routing.

Our team are experts at moving product through the supply chain. That means you’ll have what you need fast. Plus, we partner with companies who are the best at shipping worldwide. That gives us even more ways to get the product to you at super speed.

Managing the supply chain

We have multiple programs to ensure a rock solid supply chain.  Our dedicated team handles every aspect of supply chain, including:

  • Approved vendor list qualification and management
  • Vendor and supplier auditing
  • Backlog and upside management
  • Material forecast management
  • Lead time management
  • What-if analysis for upside demand
  • Material shortage mitigation
  • Vendor and consigned inventory management
  • Customer/Component product change and lifecycle management
  • Second sourcing for supply chain flexibility and cost reduction

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