AMAX’s Innovative Solution Highlights for Q4 2020

From next-gen accelerated HPC and liquid cooling solutions to purpose-built GPU PODs that run faster than the cloud – all delivered on premises or as a service.

Advanced Cooling Solutions

To meet the demands of today’s ultra-fast and ultra-dense compute technology, removing the massive amounts of heat being generated by data processing is a constant challenge to IT managers and infrastructure engineers. An implementation of liquid cooling reduces the amount of power a data center consumes, thereby improving power usage effectiveness of IT equipment and resolving infrastructure cooling challenges. Liquid cooling system CPUs and GPUs where the cooling interface is in immediate contact with the processing units itself substantially minimizes most of the contributors to internal thermals. Direct liquid cooling offers a high heat transfer coefficient that reduces the temperature rise of the processors, providing for the most optimized performance per watt per dollar. Read more about our solutions optimizing data center power usage.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure 

Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) consolidates traditional, hardware-based infrastructure (compute servers, networking, and storage) into a virtualized, software-defined environment. This simplifies management and reduces operating costs. It also increases efficiency and flexibility, because everything is reduced to one integrated solution. The in-built management functionalities ensure convenience in usability, and software-defined storage has a great potential to yield better scalability and resource efficiency. HCI platforms have been replacing traditional blade deployments in the industry as it offers high node density with improved serviceability. Optimize your infrastructure with ServMax high-density HCI platforms.


Powered by NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs, the AMAX GPU POD is an artificial intelligence supercomputing infrastructure, providing the computational power necessary to train various deep learning models. Delivered as fully integrated turn-key solution, the AI-ready supercomputing infrastructure incorporates best practices for compute, networking, storage, power, cooling, and more. It is a solution designed by data scientists, application performance engineers, and system architects to support the widest range of ML/DL applications. Simplify and easily scale your data center AI deployments with AMAX GPU POD Solutions.

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