AMAX launches LiquidMax high performance liquid cooled workstations to accelerate complex workloads with the latest 3rd Gen Intel Xeon series processors

FREMONT, California, November 30, 2021 AMAX , a leading provider of high-performance computing (HPC), artificial intelligence (AI), and OEM data center manufacturing, announces the launch of LiquidMax series liquid cooled workstations. Starting with LiquidMax™ TL40-X3, the ultra-quiet dual-socket intelligent GPU workstation accelerates deep learning training and visualization applications for enterprise and research infrastructures. LiquidMax™ TL40-X3 is integrated with dual-socket 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable series processors, supports up to 4 FHFL GPUs, and is ready to deploy right away.

LiquidMax™ TL40-X3 workstations provide up to 200 TB of large-capacity storage and includes preloaded libraries with the tools and applications needed to accelerate deep learning training in any infrastructure with the convenience of a quiet liquid-cooled workstation. “We created the LiquidMax series initially out of our own engineers’ need for powerful accelerated workstations that are suitable for an office environment. The TL40-X3 simultaneously runs multiple accelerator-intensive workloads while operating significantly quieter than an air cooled system. These workstations are ideal for developers and scientists that need a powerful system outside of a lab environment.” said Rene Meyer, Vice President of Technology at AMAX.

The ultra-quiet LiquidMax™ TL40-X3 workstation at full load outputs a mere 55dB. Compared to similarly equipped offerings in the market, the TL40-X3 is 40% quieter. In an open office, development cell, or classroom, the liquid-cooled workstation is ideal for reduced noise levels; delivering a balance of power-efficient performance and quietness.

LiquidMax™ TL40-X3 also contains a Smart LCD panel to monitor the workstation temperature levels and parameters of the cooling system in real-time. The Smart panel can control fan speeds, monitor liquid flow, water level, and temperature. The balanced circulating air duct design allows air outlet fan speeds to be adjustable to ensure proper ventilation and improve heat dissipation efficiency.

LiquidMax series workstations support up to four high-performance GPUs featuring AMAX-developed GPU parallel cooling design to evenly distribute flow through all GPUs. The custom workstation enclosures feature a circulating waterway that does not risk liquid damage or leakage to the system components.

About AMAX

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